Prague Choral Meetings

Prague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting - HrvatskaPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting - HrvatskaМеждународный фестиваль хоров в ПрагеPrague Summer Choral Meeting and Advent Choral Meeting magyarPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting danskPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting svenskaPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting Suomen TasavaltaPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting norskPraskie Letnie Spotkania Chóralne i Praskie Adwentowe Spotkania ChóralnePrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral MeetingPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral MeetingPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting

Festival Internazionale dei Cori di PragaÎntrunirea Corală de Vară Pragheză ( Prague Summer Meeting) și Întrunirea Corală din Postul Crăciunului (Advent Coral Meeting) Festival Internacional da Música Coral em PragaPrague Summer Choral Meeting and Advent Choral MeetingFestival International des Chorales à PragueEncuentro Coral de Verano en Praga y el Encuentro Coral de Adviento PragaPrager Adventsfest der Chormusik und Prager SommerchortreffenPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting - HrvatskaPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral Meeting Suomen TasavaltaPrague Summer Choral Meeting och Advent Choral MeetingPraha suvine kooride kokkusaamine

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Prague Choral Meetings 2023

Prague Spring Choral Meeting
April 27 - 30, 2023

Prague Summer Choral Meeting I
July 06 - 09, 2023

Prague Summer Choral Meeting II 
August 10 - 13, 2023

Prague Autumn Choral Meeting
November 9 - 12, 2023

Prague Advent Choral Meeting I 
November 30 – December 03, 2023

Prague Advent Choral Meeting II 
December 07 - 10, 2023


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Advent Choral Meeting 
28.11.-01.12. 2019


Prague Advent Choral Meeting

Prague Advent Choral Meetings 2018


Prague Choral Meetings 2017

Prague Spring Choral Meeting 

April 28-May 1, 2017

Prague Summer Choral Meeting:

July 13-16, 2017

August 3-6, 2017

Prague Autumn Choral Meeting:

November 9-12, 2017

November 16-19, 2017

Prague Advent Choral Meeting:

November 23-26, 2017

November 30-December 3, 2017

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Prague Spring Choral Meeting
March 17-20, 2016

Prague Summer Choral Meeting
July 14-17, 2016
August 4-7, 2016

Prague Autumn Choral Meeting
November 10-13, 2016
November 17-20, 2016

Prague Advent Choral Meeting 2016
November 24-27, 2016
December 1-4, 2016

Prague Advent Choral Meeting 2015

Prague Advent Choral Meeting

November 12-15, 2015
November 19-22, 2015
November 26-29, 2015
December 3-6, 2015


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Prague Advent Choral Meeting 2014

November 20-23, 2014
November 27-30, 2014
December     4-7, 2014


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Prague Summer Choral Meeting 2014

Prague Advent Choral Meeting

July 17-20 , 2014


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Prague Advent Choral Meeting 2013

November 21-24, 2013
December 5-8, 2013
December 12-15, 2013

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November 22-25, 2012
December 6-9, 2012

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December 1 - 4, 2011
December 8-11, 2011

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Advent Choral Meeting

December 2 - 5, 2010
December 9-12, 2010


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Advent Choral Meeting

December 3 - 6, 2009
December 10-13, 2009

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Advent Choral Meeting
December 4 - 7, 2008

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Participants 2009

Participating Choirs and Programme

Flyer 2009: part 1 part 2



SinGkreis Gunskirchen

As in 1990 the village of Gunskirchen became a township, Liselotte Kiener  with friends from Lions Club Wels decided to celebrate it also by music. A concert program with musicians from Gunskirchen was studied.  The concert was a big success and the female singers  decided to keep the choir  in operation.  The leader became   Liselotte Kiener.  The number of singers has grown from the original 18 singers to 35 who can split for concerts in smaller groups forming a female choir, male choir, quartets, trios and duos. 22 female singers are coming to the Advent Choral Meeting, their first festival appearance. The repertoire is wide: folk songs, spirituals, classical songs, operettas, musicals, oldies,  Advent songs. 

Vokalensemble MOSAIK

The vocal ensemble was founded in 1983. Over the years it developed into a mixed choir of 35 singers of all ages, from students to pensioners.
The name “MOSAIK” reflects what they sing: the repertoire is like a mosaic, from madrigals up to 20th century compositions, jazz and pop songs, and folk music from all over the world.  They give two choral concerts in their hometown Puchenau every year, together with the  youth choir “Young Stars”. The co-founder of MOSAIK, Andrea Engelberger, has been conducting both choirs for several years.
The first journey abroad of the vocal ensemble MOSAIK led  to Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic in 1991. They spent joyful days and gave concerts together with two Hungarian choirs both in Hungary and in Austria. During the choral festival “Feuer und Stimme” they made friends with other choirs.
The highlight of their  25 year anniversary celebration was the one-week trip through Estonia last year. They  were invited by an Estonian choir whose journey to Austria is planned for 2010.


Vokalensemble Pressbaum

The ensemble is formed by 6 passionate singers who have been singing together since childhood – in the beginning at the school choir in Pressbaum and later in the  choir „Singgemeinschaft Pressbaum“. Together with this choir they performed successfully at various youth choral meetings in Austria and e.g.  in 1964 they won 1st prize with praise of the jury at the European Youth Choir Festival in  Neerpelt/Belgium. In summer of 2001 they have founded the today´s  Vokalensemble Pressbaum  and have been organizing concerts on various ocassions and themes. Their  rich repertoire  ranks from motets to madrigals to folk songs and jodel.



Nevertheless is a Danish choir, from the town Århus. The choir has existed for 20 years and it was started by its conductor Lise-Lotte Brix. It is a amateur choir of mixed voices and there are about 45 members. Age level of the singers: 30 – 60. Nevertheless makes concerts in Århus and the surroundings, and the choir has given concerts in Italy, Poland and Ireland.
The repertoire of the choir presents classical choir music from different periods of  the history of music, highlights of jazz, evergreens, musicals and pop/rock-music.
The choir is accompanied by a small jazz/rockband at concerts presenting jazz and pop/rockmusic.


Frauenchor Meyenburg

The female choir was founded in 1973 and has 25 members. Since some singers could not come to Prague, they have brought help from another choir. The chairman of the choral society is Mrs. Rita Pilgrim and the conductor Mrs. Kerstin Knacke. As a rule they sing at village, town or spa concerts. The highlight of their activities is the annual Christmas concert held in their hometown on third Advent weekend. The repertoire of the ensemble includes folk songs, evergreens, English songs and    north German songs.



Somogyvámosi Ökumenikus Énekkar

The  "Ecumenical  Choir of Somogyvámos" was founded in October 2001. The choir sings regularly at liturgical  services and performs also at secular choir festivals and concerts organized for charities.The main aim of the choir is to promote rather unknown sacred music compositions. The repertoire  consists mainly of choral works of Renaissance and late Baroque.  Choir director:  Seregi László

Musica Ludens

Chamber choir Musica Ludens The choir was founded in January 1995. Presently, it has 25 members, but this number is gradually increasing. Since September 1996 Peter Balas has worked as the chorus leader, who used to be the secondary chorus master of the choir of the Budapest University of Economy, and at the moment a member of the choir of the Budapest Opera. The choir have made two radio recordings. They have also made two CD-s. They have participated in several festivals: Riva del Garda, Budapest Choir Festival,  Olomouc Choir Festival, Europa Cantat in Nevers, Choir Festival in Bad Ischl, Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival. In May 2009 in the National Museum the choir performed Missa Jubileo written for brass instruments and singing voices by contemporary composer Attila Balázs. The repertoire of the choir is of a wide range from renaissance compositors to contemporary ones.




The choir was founded in 1998 on the iniciative of the Franciscan Community of the Bilbao´s borough  Irala with three basic premises: illusion, effort and sense for music. The ensemble has carried out important concerts  in the short period of its existence – in places like Andorra, Lérida, Madrid, Vieria do Minho (Portugal), Zaragoza, Barcelona, León, Cantabria, Paris, Asissi, Florencia, Torreciudad, Lanzarote as well as celebrations in  Bilbao and all over Basque Counrty.  La Coral San Antonio was selected by Eurodisney to sing on its  Festival Stage. The choir had the privilige to be the first Basque choir to sing  in the  Cathedral Almudena in Madrid.  In their rich repertoire can be found   such works like Requiem of   G. Fauré, the Creole Mass , the Messias of  Haendel.. The choir has 65 mixed voices and has been conducted by Maite Zugazaga.

Coral El Gavià de l’Escala

The choral group is working at the Municipal Music School  “El Gavià” of  l’Escala in the Catalonian province of Girona and has been formed by female students of this music school.  At the moment it is an entirely female choir formed by approx. 26 girls at the age of 12 – 15 conducted by  Carme Almirall.
They have a very rich musical repertoire – from folk songs  from Catalonia and other countries to modern pop music compositions and movements. In June 2008 they participated in the festival  YOUTH CHOIRS IN MOVEMENT  in Bonn, Germany. They sing in concerts organized by the school in l´Escala and surroundings, participated in various choral meetings organized in Girona. In April 2009 they have organzed a choral meeting in l’Escala, a show with pop music singing and movements, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their  Music School.


Zarautz Abesbatza was created in 1983, the  conductor being Mr. Joaquin Iruretagoyena, but since  1996 the choir  has been lead  by Mrs. Jaione Eskudero.
Since its foundation the group has offered many concertos in the Basque Country, as well as in Barcelona, Madrid, Galicia, Cantabria, Sevilla, Huelva, Extremadura, Germany, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, and in 2008 due to their 25 anniversary in Argentina.
Zarautz Abesbatza has ordered and debuted some composer´s works as Mr.Francisco Escudero´s, debuting his “San Juan Bautista” with the Euskadi´s Orchestra, as well as othe works of composers from Zarautz like Angel Illarramendi, Antxon Sarasua, Mertxe Isasti, Aitor Uria and Angel Urcelay.
Our repertorie is diverse, singing songs from XVI century  up to our days, with sacred music, polyphony, and Basque  and universal folklore.



Ass. Cult. Corale Arnatese

Lyrical Choir, the historical part of Arnatese’s Choral, was ounded in 1928. The choir has a vast lyrical repertoire:  from Mozart to contemporary composers, incl. Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni etc., sacred music which they perform in  churches during festivities.The Lyrical Choir is conducted by M° Giampaolo Vessella. In their long history, they gave numerous concerts and successfully participated in festivals, e.g. in 1999 the sung Carmina Burana - C. Orff   in Teatro delle Arti  Gallarate, in 2003 Messa Solenne, unpublished work from 1835, Giuseppe Verdi, in 2007 Christmas  Oratorio of Saint-Saens with Orchestra Camerata dei Laghi at Church St. Carlo al Corso – Milan, in 2008  participation in the 11th  International Choir Festival of Val Pusteria.


Associazione Musicale - Coro R.Goitre

The choir started its activity in 1983 as a result of the musical education courses organized for the pupils of the Primary School in Follonica In 1998 a section of adults was constituted, with the purpose of performing choral music with the classic mixed four voices. At present the Choir is composed of 35 elements, all amateurs, and it is conducted by Alessio Pagliai, who is engaged in organizing a varied polyphonic repertoire: from classical to contemporary music, with Church pieces and popular traditional songs. The Choir has been present in festivals and musical events in different towns and every year organizes the “Corincanto” , a prestigious choral event in Follonica.


Gruppo Costumi Tradizionali Bisiachi

The Gruppo Costumi Tradizionali Bisiachi, the Traditional Costumes Group of Bisiacaria, which was founded in December 2000, has been active since 1991, following the publication of research into womens' local costumes written by Dr Marina Dorsi for the cultural association Circolo Culturale e Ricreativo Don E. Brandl of Turriaco.The group comprises about 40 people which include men, women and children. They act as spokesmen for local traditions and dialect by spreading awereness and promoting the area through several diverse cultural and folk activities. By involving itself in all local customs, the association has the honour to represent the area called Bisiacaria, the province of Gorizia and the whole region Friuli Venezia Giulia at important national and international conventions.



Grupo Coral do Grupo Bandolinista 22 de Maio de 1925

The name of the group is doing hommage to a group of young jazz musicians founded on May 22, 1925.The choral group was founded in 1995 - since then they held   many performances on regional and national level, at private invitations and invitations of the Municipality of Sintra. Since 1998 the group has been conducted by Maestro António Amorim Barbosa. The Choral Group has actually 36 members  who are managed by the choir singer  Ana Vieira.  The ensemble will present in Prague Portuguese Christmas and folk songs. 


Coral Polifónico de Ponte Sor - Associação Cultural

The Coral Polifónico de Ponte de Sor was founded on February 26 1996. During the 13 years of its existence the choir grew to 36 members. It has been lead artistically from the very beginning by the meastro Rui Martins Picado. The repertoire of  Coral Polifónico de Ponte consists of some 150 compositions of various styles – sacred music, spirituals, folk songs, etc. Internationally they have performed in Toronto/Canada in 2000 ;  Alta Pusteria/Italy 2006 and Rome/Italy in 2008. 



Corul Dorulet Al Dascalilor de la Scoala Lucian Blaga Din Ocna Mures

The ‘DORULET’ teachers‘ choir of Lucian Blaga Secondary School from Ocna  Mures. The town of Ocna Mures is situated on the left bank of the River  Mures in central Romania. The DORULET choir was founded in the autumn 2008 by open hearted  teachers moved by the traditions of the Romanian singing. Their first  presence on stage took place during the Advent of 2008 in Cluj Napoca as  part of the traditional Christmas Carol Festival. The choir appeared in  local cultural shows and we also participated in the International  Choral Spring Festival in Campia Turzii. The participation at the Advent Choral Meeting 2009 in Prague has  streghtened their artistic activity.



Gofman Choir

The choir exists for more than 30 years - known to listeners as "Moskovskye Zori". Since its first conductor, famous choir director A.Gofman, passed away, the choir is carrying his name as "Gofman Choir". Since 20 years the choir is lead by Olga Kosiborod. In the years of its existence, the choir has won hearts of listeners both in Russia and abroad. They have won numerous international choral festivals and competitions. In Moscow they are performing in various concert halls, including also the famous Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory and Christ Saviour Church. Their repertoire is very rich, consisting of more than 200 compositions - from choral miniatures to major choral works, folk songs and sacred music.

Choir MGPI /Moskovskij gumanitarnyj pedagogiceskij institut/

is a young collective that will celebrate 5 years next year. It is formed by students of the institute - future pedagogues, sociologists, social workers. The choir participates regularly in the events taking place in Moscow. They are diploma holders of the festivals "Festos" and "Moscow - City of Peace", winners of the sacred music festival in Polish Międzyzdroje, musical festival in Kristanstad /Sweden/  and Berlin. The choir is lead by Olga Kosiborod, honourable worker of Moscow culture, docent of the institute MGPI.


KUD MePZ dr. Bogdan Derč

The need, for giving to others and ourselves something more spiritual after every days demanding work for sick children, was the reason for beginning the chorus singing at the University Paediatric Hospital in Ljubljana. It was in the spring 1981 when first group of singing enthusiasts gathered at the Hospital. The chorus has chosen the name after the pioneer of child health in Slovenia – prof.dr.Bogdan Derč . The choir´s  motto is »singing for health«.During years the number of chorus singers grew up  and now there are forty members from paediatric and other hospitals. Venceslav Zadravec is the conductor for more than 20 years. The repertoáre of the choir: original Slovenian folk songs, folk songs of foreign nations, classic and liturgic music. The choir has visited  hospitals and nursary homes in USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy,  Austria and Portugal.